About LRC

The concept for Little Root Creative was birthed in chilly mid-February of 2010 during a sabbatical of sorts in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The week was spent in solitude and reflection, with -gasp- almost no access to internet. Instead, time was invested in activities like Little Root Creative with Hot Springs friends and clientsjournaling, painting, sculpting, sketching, reading and praying. Through this experience, the early stages of my own event planning and design business developed. I know had it not been for the generosity and hospitality of dear friends and lakehouse lenders, Little Root Creative would have likely never come to fruition. I spent time alone with me, my thoughts, and God, surrounded only by the calming waters of Lake Hamilton, and a few little birdies. No better time have I ever had relaxing or creating during a vacation, and never have I felt a closer presence to God the ultimate Creator.

So when you are celebrating a new birth or milestone birthday — a holiday party or a grand opening — a new business or a new idea, allow Little Root Creative to journey with you as you put down the roots in your life.

Our Desire


Whether planning a social event or designing printed materials, our hope is to connect with our clients — and for our clients’ message to resonate with their audience.

Create and Collaborate

We strive to understand your vision and create something that is uniquely your own.


Should you be the Belle of the Ball or a blossoming business, there is always cause to celebrate. Allow us to manage your new beginnings and milestone events, so you have time to enjoy them.